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Quilts-Arts has been serving art lovers and avid collectors since 2003. Our online art store allows you to browse an art collection in the comfort of your own home. Patricia Merkle, our founder, inspects each item to make sure that what you see are art pieces created with passion and finesse. Our role is to be your finder and help you connect with talented artists.

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Quilts-Arts will cease to be a part of the transaction when the contact information has been given. All decisions regarding the purchase and the price are between the artist and the customer.

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You can count on us to present you with the perfect art piece that will complete your personal collection. We have had many satisfied customers over the years that have been completely overwhelmed with happiness with their specially crafted item. Be one of our patrons and rest assured knowing that your purchased item will meet your artistic standards. Call us at 909-621-1337 or send us an email to learn more about our online business.